Our Shop is located at 736 View Street

Hours of operation are:

Tuesday to Friday 8am until 3pm or Sold Out

Saturday 9am until 3pm or Sold Out

Weekly Delivery Schedule 
2% Jazz at the Hudson: Wednesday to Saturday 
2% Jazz on Hillside: Wednesday to Saturday 
Niagara Market: Wednesday to Saturday
Picnic Coffee: Wednesday and Friday 
Picnic Coffee Too: Wednesday to Saturday
The Coffee Lab: Wednesday to Saturday

Koffi: Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays
Ground Control Café: Wednesday to Saturday

Dak: Wednesday and Friday

​Hide + Seek Coffee: Wednesday to Saturday

And Icream Sandwiches at Cold Comfort Icecream shop on Fridays!!!

 We deliver donuts to your home, office, client or loved one and to local cafes and groceries Tuesday through to Saturday. They are made fresh everyday with each day featuring a different line up of flavours. Join us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram @empiredonut to keep updated on the donut flavours of the day.

A simple, humble donut. All donuts are made by hand, from scratch, with quality ingredients.​​